Since September 2015 we have a new menu, which compiled the chef Vlasta Pole. We try to cook from first-class local ingredients, which provide us with local suppliers such as company Plocha, which supplies us with meat or ponds Tabor Mr. Pecha.

Newly we use of modern methods of slow cooking in a vacuum - Sous-vide - which I adapted the kitchen equipment. Sous-vide (from French, means "under vacuum") is a cooking method in which food is prepared in an airtight plastic container in a water bath temperature controlled. Thus the vacuum food (meat, fish, vegetables or fruit) pošírují varying duration. Most of these several hours - sometimes up to 72 - at exactly calculated temperature which is lower than the boiling point. Most frequently at temperatures between 55 - 60 ° C. The intention is to preserve the natural flavor, texture and juice quality food at a uniform heating of the exact temperature controlled water bath.


Czech white wines delivered Zemanek family winery from the Great Bilovice, as the only restaurant in Tabor and surroundings.

Red wine gives Moravian wineries Ing. Michlovský from Rakvice,, who won in 2015, many international wine competitions like Terravino Israel Piwi Wine Award, AWC Wien, Prague Wine Trophy etc.



Caffee Ramenzioni is produced by an artisan coffee shop that was started in 1957.. It maintains the old methods of selection, processing and packaging that have been passed dowd for two generations. Depending on ots origin, the coffee is subjected to slow cooking times as appropriate to their origin. This tradition lends a unique and inimitable aroma to the coffee and instils a full, rounded taste that lingers on the palate. Paying attention to the roasting and the subsequent selection of the best beans from the mixing experience enables us to make coffee by blending eight different types of coffee with specific qualities: intense aroma, full flavoured, fragrance, colour, sweetness and the right degree of acidity.