Škochův dům restaurant

offers a pleasant environment, a wide selection of drinks, coffees, cocktails and most renowned fast food,
which, together with daily, mostly traditional Czech meals, we will satisfy all visitors to our restaurant.

Of course there is the preparation and holding of these receptions, parties, reunions, wedding, birthday and funeral receptions
and similar events.
In the summer months there is a front garden with views across the historic Zizka Square.

minut_kuchyne Renowned minute kitchen



Since September 2015 we have a new menu, which compiled the chef Vlasta Polák. We try to cook from first-class local ingredients, which provide us with local suppliers such as company Plocha, which supplies us with meat or ponds Tabor Mr. Pecha. In our kitchen we use modern methods of slow cooking in a vacuum - Sous-vide - which I adapted the kitchen equipment.




Raut is one of the most popular ways to social get-together with refreshments. In our restaurant we offer impeccable parties with whom we have long-time experience. Every year in our country organizes several different kinds of events in which not miss presentable appearance, top quality materials and perfect taste. Our "banquet table" will offer a variety of selected dishes. The choice of such a menu is always communicating with the client and buffet is prepared according to his preferences.                                                                                                 

vecirkyCompany parties



Do not waste time organizing corporate party and prefer your corporate event leave it to us. In our restaurant we were already organized countless original company parties, which were full of fun, great food and drink. You can organize not only traditional Christmas parties, but also non-traditional parties in a particular style. Our wealth of experience, professionalism, good facilities and brilliant culinary team will ensure that you will be satisfied.




Planning a wedding, and want this day to have only good memories? Our restaurant is the perfect place for your wedding celebration. Your feast thanks to the fantastic local cuisine unforgettable. Since in our restaurant has held many weddings and organizing weddings we have a lot of experience. There is also a garden with a big marquee, which is in summer very pleasant place and can only serve you and your wedding guests.

sport_prenosyBroadcasts of sports programs



We know that it is possible to watch sporting events on television at home, but sports in our restaurant will give you a much better atmosphere and cheering friends will guarantee an unforgettable sporting experience. In our restaurant may meet more friends and enjoy a great day out, you can augment good glass of wine or a cold beer and delicious. Draught beer is bottled after all better. Sporting events in our projected on the screen in the lounge, which is located in the historic catacombs beneath restaurants. That, along with an adjacent wine cellar and open fire guarantee a really stylish furniture.

wifiFree Wifi



Internet access in today's hectic times, very important and we take it too well aware. Therefore in all areas of our restaurant, you can connect to free WiFi network.

jidloOur menu is completely new and offers unique dining experiences. Thanks to new technologies that we use, we can offer to include the new dishes. To prepare meals utilize modern methods of slow cooking in a vacuum - Sous-vide - which I adapted the kitchen equipment. Sous-vide (from French, means "under vacuum") is a cooking method in which food is prepared in an airtight plastic container in a water bath temperature controlled. Thus the vacuum food (meat, fish, vegetables or fruit) pošírují varying duration. Most of these several hours - sometimes up to 72 - at exactly calculated temperature which is lower than the boiling point. Most frequently at temperatures between 55 - 60 ° C. The intention is to preserve the natural flavor, texture and juice quality food at a uniform heating of the exact temperature controlled water bath.