"A little bit of history Škochov house ..."

House no. 22 was named by the buyer, who operated a business in the early 20th century. But the history of the house and its inhabitants extends much further into the past. In 1536 there were only charred ruins of buildings that fell victim to the fire. The new owner, nouveau riche and later Primate, ie the first councilor Martin Helm of Vorlova, however, took care of the rapid construction of a new building. Since those times adorned the facade of the house of the late Gothic gable formed Rayonnant ornament and arches in the shape of donkey back.

The recent restoration of the facade also revealed extensive remains of the fresco. These artistic and architectural features of the house is one of the best examples of Gothic and Renaissance urban architecture in Bohemia. The house also had luck on a convenient location next to City Hall. No wonder that even the later owners will find a number of significant Tabor residents, including several burgomasters and other members of the city government.